Michael Mersey

Michael Mersey

Author in search of six characters, more or less.

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Upcoming Books & Stories

Pirates of the Mediterranean

A Holy Land Tour cruise ship is seized by a band of pirates, led by a former Baptist seminary professor.

Rosanna of the Incas

The teenaged daughter of missionaries reluctantly returns to Peru on a youth missions trip, only to be enslaved in a lost Incan city where she has to explain the Christian gospel to the emperor.

Night Is Flying

Once they arrive at college in 1920s Texas, two German-speaking young men from a nonviolent farming community find themselves members of the corps of cadets. An Amish military novel.

Wheel, O Wheel

First the owner of a Southern cotton plantation in 1864 is commanded in a dream to “let my people go,” then he and his former slaves must hide their new status from the Confederate authorities.


A future America becomes a political patchwork of two governments, with thousands of border crossings, because each precinct is governed by the party that won there. But who will govern the rural Illinois precinct that didn’t vote for anybody?


Set in Indiana’s fascinating Amish country a century after it is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, an accidental refugee from a glass-domed city meets the unknown people who wield the mysterious technology behind eggs, among other suppressed secrets. An Amish science fiction novel.

King Henry’s Player

A MIT student presses the wrong button and is sent back four centuries to the court of King Henry VIII, still wearing his earbuds - which the king wants for his own.

Time in a Jar

Stowing away in her uncle’s experimental time machine because of conflicts with her conservative mother, a teen girl finds herself in 1973, at a high school party where her 10th grade mother promptly offers her a beer.

Sleeper in Church

How a young Cornish-American Muslim from Southern California infiltrated major Christian organizations, experiencing amusement as well as befuddlement.

Garden of Triumph

When a series of murders spans 140 years, why is the same elderly woman always on the scene?

General Zook

An Amish farm boy leaves his community and eventually his principles, becoming a populist Governor who leads his state militia against Federal troops.